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An international spiritual teacher, coach, author, intuitive medium and NDE survivor who channels the non-physical multi-dimensional Conscious Collective Entity known to the world as “Seth” and the new Timeless Truth Series!


The Nature Of Consciousness - Volume 1 -Fundamental Understandings About the Soul of Human-Beings & The Consciousness Within All Physical Reality


Is now publicly released July 7th, 2023 ( 777 ) and is now available through nearly 50,000 retailers and book stores around the world, including Amazon - Arguably the largest book selling platform on the planet.  This exciting new book is now available in Perfect Bound Soft Cover, Hardbound Cover, Kindle and e-Book formats, and will soon be available at Walmart, Target and in Apple Books for iPhone, iPad and Apple based devices.

Life altering, vibration raising, evolution sparking, planet shifting truths within!   Pick up your copy today!!

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