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An international spiritual teacher, coach, intuitive/psychic medium and NDE survivor, Jackson is the author of an exciting new book; The Nature Of Consciousness - Fundamental Understandings About The Soul Of Human-Beings And the Consciousness Within All Physical Reality.

I was DEAD.  No heartbeat.  No breath.  My body lay lifeless on the barn floor below me after I returned from my experience in “Heaven” where I spoke to grandparents long-dead, Angels, beings of Light and more.  Decades later while channeling (communicating via clairaudience) with Angels, I realized the significance of my life-altering event as a child when a different yet somehow familiar nonphysical being began speaking to me who had profound messages not just for me, but messages they wanted to share with the world.  

The nonphysical entity known to tens-of-millions of spiritual truth seekers around the world as "Seth" that once channeled the Seth Books, is now speaking to me, continuing the mission to teach the world Timeless Spiritual Truths that are meant to guide the evolution of humanity, and the souls who incarnate to experience the 3-dimensional reality we call our universe. 


Seth says that "The future of the human race as we know it is at stake, and that the evolution of our race and well-being of our planet depends upon the evolution of human consciousness.  And that begins with much deeper understanding as to what we are as conscious souls and how we are eternally connected to ALL consciousness that is called "God" by any and all names."

Life altering, vibration raising, evolution sparking, planet shifting truths within!   Pick up your copy today!!

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