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My global Mission
To Foster conscious human evolution through global education, awareness & outreach

  • To foster the evolution of humanity through the awareness, understanding and use of "Timeless Truths" as channeled to me by Seth, Christ Consciousness and Angels.

  • To share Seth's "Timeless Truths" and Christ's Love & Light for humanity, nature and our world. 

  • To assist humanity in raising its collective vibrational frequency, individually and  en masse.

  • To bring global awareness to the "Truths" of our existence as Human-Beings with our immortal consciousness that is connected to all other consciousness (Source/God/All That Is).   

  • To bring expanded awareness and clear understanding to the truth as to the nature of our own being, in relationship to all other beings, animals, earth and the physical environment that you know.

  • To bring expanded awareness and clear understanding of the innate, natural, creative tools that each human-being possesses, by and through which you not only have created life as you know it and the physical environment the world now sees, but also how you can intentionally and purposefully direct eternally creative consciousness towards a more fruitful experience of life.

  • To clear away some of the intellectual and superstitious debris and limiting beliefs that prevent you from recognizing your own potentialities and freedoms as a creative human-being.

  • To evolve old presentations of "Timeless Truths" as described in the bible and teachings of Christ, into new expanded ways of understanding the messages of truth that lay behind them.

  • To bridge the seeming gap between Christianity and Spiritualism as it is traditionally thought of and reveal that the truth behind them is ONE in the same Source, God/All That Is.

  • To teach the world how each human-being has a direct, personal connection to Source/God/All That Is through the immortal consciousness (soul) and can have a direct, personal experience of Source/God/All That Is through fostering and growing their awareness and cultivation of this connection.

  • To MAXIMIZE the unlimited potentials of the Human-Being that WILL illuminate the path for ALL.

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