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meet Jackson

Author, Spiritual Teacher, NDE Survivor, Psychic Medium, Serial Entrepreneur, Business Executive, Outdoorsman, Life-Long Spiritual Truth Seeker, Humanitarian, Soulitarian, Creator.

Jackson Moore is the author of The Nature Of Consciousness- Volume 1 –Fundamental Understandings About The Soul Of Human-Beings & The Consciousness Within All Physical Reality, and the new Timeless Truth Series of books channeled from "Seth" - the nonphysical multidimensional being of consciousness who dictated all the Seth books. To date, the Seth materials have profoundly touched the lives of tens of millions of spiritual seekers around the world.  Embarking upon his mission with Seth, Jackson is now sharing new timeless spiritual truths with the world and has founded the nonprofit organization: Conscious Human Evolution. Its mission: “To Foster Conscious Human Evolution Through Global Education, Awareness & Outreach”.

As a life-long seeker of truth since his death experience, Jackson has studied, taught, mentored, and shared his journey, wisdom, and experiences with thousands over the years. Teaching about spiritual topics such as his NDE, Out of Body Experiences (OBE), consciousness, understanding the “I AM”, reincarnation, manifestation, consciousness beyond physical death, multidimensional existence, co-creative tools, meditation, raising one’s personal vibrations, and co-creating objects, events and conditions that shape our life experiences. Many have benefited from these teachings in profound ways.


Learning to channel more than 15 years ago, Jackson has received thousands of messages from loved ones, beings of consciousness and now channels, Angels, Seth, Christ consciousness and more, sharing their love, light, and wisdom with the world. 

Jackson is not just a humanitarian, but rather a “Soulitarian”, understanding human nature at the level of the soul, which creates the physical world around us.


Having multiple degrees in Electrical Engineering, Computer Information Sciences, and Business Administration, Jackson has founded both profit and 501c3 Nonprofit Corporations. He has also been very successful as an Executive Vice President of Sales, Marketing & Engineering for a Healthcare Information Technology company helping humanity improve healthcare and the quality of living.


Combining decades of business executive experience at multi-Billion-dollar companies, Jackson now leverages his business acumen, intuition, clairabilities and channeling skills to develop and share Seth’s new Timeless Truth Series of books and teaching materials, building a nonprofit business framework to benefit humanity on a global scale.

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