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teaching timeless spiritual truths &

conscious human evolution

Conscious Human Evolution was founded as a globally focused organization to serve the public as a formal education vehicle for teaching timeless spiritual truths around the world.  Under the guidance and direction of the entity known by millions of spiritual seekers around the world as "Seth" that now channels through Jackson Moore (, Jackson created Conscious Human Evolution to serve as the formal teaching and education platform for reaching the world with these teachings.

Realizing that with books, we can reach many more than Jackson can meet in person and reach alone.  However, to help grow our teachings around the world with the goals stated below, Jackson sought out a way to help others not only receive the teachings via the books, lectures, workshops, videos, podcasts, and social media, but also adding a personal touch and local impacts around the world.

Global Focus, Local Impact!

We utilize the "Teach the teacher" or "Train the Trainer" approach and using certified educational presentations, workbooks, student learning materials, Jackson has created a group of spiritually focused teachers in many locations around the United States so that each teacher can reach and work with spiritual seekers local to their geographic area.  

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