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“Truly Paramount Timeless Truths To Foster The Evolution Of Consciousness & Humanity”

Sneak Peak Previews from Jackson & Seth's NEW book: The Nature of Consciousness- Volume 1

Excerpt from the Back Cover by Jackson:

I was DEAD.  No heartbeat.  No breath.  My body lay lifeless on the barn floor below me after I returned from my experience in “Heaven” where I spoke to grandparents long-dead, Angels, beings of Light and more.  It would be decades before I realized that this life-altering “accident” was no accident at all.  Rather it was the “trigger event” that would set me on my lifelong path of seeking spiritual TRUTHS about the soul, psychic phenomenon, and consciousness that would one day lead to my realization that I incarnated in this lifetime to pursue a mission with Seth, Christ, and the Angels… And that “they” had been guiding me all along.

Jackson's new book!

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Excerpt from The Nature of Consciousness- Preface by "Seth"

"Your evolution as a being and your experience in physical life follows the path of free will and choice.  What you choose to do from this very moment…right now, and throughout the remainder of your life will determine the quality of your life and the physical existence that you know and experience.  Will you seek more truth and apply it in your own life? 

As ALL physical reality in your entire universe, is eternally rooted, sourced, and omnipresent within consciousness, we will begin our new series of books with The Nature Of Consciousness.  This will serve then as the first foundational truths of understanding, upon which all our other books that follow will build upon, as well as your understanding as to immensely powerful, eternally creative “God-beings” that you are. 

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