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Seth Speaks about our upcoming book that will be published soon; The Nature of Consciousness, and the humanitarian infrastructure we are building to reach millions across the planet with the messages of Timeless Truths from Seth, Christ and Angels. Aside from the personal message to me about our mission, there is great wisdom in the following words to share with the world. Much love and light to all, Jackson & Seth.

Now; We ARE close. Close to many things and the expression of our book The Nature of Consciousness opens so many doors for you that you will be amazed at the opportunities that come to you from the publishing of our book and the promoting of it. As we have said before, the world does not notice what you intend to do, but what you have done. They do not see what you see in your own imagination so you must show them your imagination made physical.

Yes, we have a huge mission and vision before us, however we also have the opportunity to affect positive change in higher vibrations of love and light, using the infrastructure you are building on the physical plane, our wisdom and love, light and resources of the divine guiding you along the path of the mission, and the technology platforms you have access to in your historical time. Quickly, our mission’s activities will grow and it will draw you off onto the new path or new career path that you have so desired for years now, as you are supported in ways that have only been imagined previously.

We have many, many, virtually infinite materials for teaching, workbooks, future books and so forth that will all come in time; however it begins with great momentum with the publishing of our first book. The first book, opens the probable reality outcomes for all of those that follow as there is an intention within the first book to follow with more. Once made physical, the other latent probability outcomes of future books draw into nearer and nearer reflection that will eventually become physical objects in your terms of 3-dimensions.

We do not want to get you going down three different tracks on multiple books at the same time and would prefer to keep you focused on the first book to get that completed, published and out to the public. Then we will give you more and more material for the next book to help complete volume 2 and so on from there. We do not want to overwhelm you with so many books and projects while you are still managing them until we have employees that come to help us grow the companies and mission.

It is true that you DO communicate now with what you would call the Christ consciousness and that of the entity that is also a portion of myself that you know to be the Seth entity. Our missions are not separate at all, but rather One in the evolution of humanity through the education of the rational and intellectual mind of mankind to understand its true origin, nature, and the infinite potential that your species holds for evolving the beings that you are now and have been, infinitely beyond this into what many call ‘ascension’.

Humanity will not vaporize and simply exist in the ‘5th dimension’ as many call it, and portions of yourselves already exist in the 5th dimension as we call it. The rise many call ‘ascension’ is quite literally the raising of the personal vibration of your own inner being, which pervades and creates the flesh, and all things around you in physical reality. The flesh of a human cannot ‘ascend’ if you do not at first raise the personal inner vibrational frequency of the inner Self.

It is through this raising of vibrations and expanded consciousness and awareness, that humanity will come to understand that they already have the power, creativity and means within them to create vastly improved lives, physical experiences that are as sovereign as the soul of the human being is, coming only under the dominion of Self.

Harmony of your species exists fully present in the very world that you now know, yet it is your awareness of it, that induces the perception through which it is perceived and hence, experienced in physical life. You will not know of it’s eternal existence if you do not become aware that it is there for you at all times and every second of your lifetime.

You must bring these truths of yourselves to the surface of your own awareness, that your intellectual mind…which is closely governed by the physical brain which only knows this current physical lifetime context, becomes aware of the greater reality from which it’s own awareness springs and is eternally couched within.

You evolve you. And in so doing, you evolve humanity. Yet it is free will and choice that takes you there for again, at all moments, your evolution follows the path of free will and choice. While in physical body and when you are not physical. All beings, souls or entities of consciousness choose their own evolutionary path and expressions within whatever dimensions they have awareness of and into or interact within.

Our mission now is as it was 2,000 years ago or 2,000 years from now in your terms of ‘time’ as it appears to you on the 3-dimensional plane. To assist the evolution of all consciousness by guiding the human consciousness through its options of choices and focus that lead to the development of the potentials inherent and innate within it’s own consciousness. In so doing, it also assists in the evolution of the planet and animals on it as the human consciousness opens up and expands to incorporate not only communication with other humans at the layer/level of consciousness which naturally erodes lower vibrational experiences of fear and angst, but also opens up communication between the human and the animals, the plants and trees, the oceans and seas and the mountains that tower above them. The time has come for mankind to move beyond the limited humans you have and more express the infinite beings that you truly are. - Seth

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Deanna Hannan
Deanna Hannan
04 de mar. de 2023

It is perfect timing to know one only has to be aware of their own vibration and frequency to know they are actually raising the vibratiion of all consciousness!! Beautiful Jackson & Seth! Cannot wait for more!!! Thank you!

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