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A Brief Introduction to Seth and the ‘IAM’ of Jackson W. Moore.

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

In the year 1963, Jane Roberts and her husband Robert Butts began an adventure with a being known to the world now as Seth. Jane at the time was an up and coming writer, author and poet, while her husband Rob was an artist who helped Jane with her works. Beginning with an Ouija board, Jane and Rob contacted a spirit in the non-physical realm by the name of Frank Watts. Frank Watts, as it turns out, was a ‘Personality Consciousness’ of the Multi-Dimensional Collective Conscious- Seth.

Over time, Jane established the communication with Seth, the main Personality Consciousness of the being Seth, and began recording their conversations as a personal interest, which soon became a public interest when Seth informed Jane that they were to author books together that would be published to teach the world. Using the Ouija board in the beginning, Jane learned soon that she could anticipate Seth’s answers. When she and Rob would ask Seth a question, Seth would begin to answer via the Ouija board yet sentences had to be spelled out letter by letter which was slow and cumbersome. As the sessions went on, Jane learned that she could anticipate and somehow ‘knew’ what Seth was going to answer for certain questions and then began to psychically receive the messages via her natural clairaudient abilities that are natural to all human consciousness. Jane learned to use these abilities to psychically HEAR Seth in her mind, as psychic-mediums hear spirits and Angels speaking to them, and hence began dictating book material from Seth, recording it and subsequently publishing it in the chapters, subject matter and titles that Seth had guided her to do. During the sessions that progressed, Jane and Rob stopped using the Ouija board and Jane would simply stream/speak that which she was clairaudiently hearing by channeling Seth, while Rob who was adept at short hand, recorded the questions and answers, and eventually the book materials that were published as Seth’s books.

From 1963 until Janes death in 1984, Jane (referred to as Ruburt by Seth) published many books of Seth’s given to her in this manner. At the time, spiritualism in the 1960’s and through the 1980’s was growing from infancy into a more and more exciting aspect of human psychology and reality. No longer could it be ignored that these seemingly paranormal activities were indeed a very real part of human nature…and the nature of human existence.

In today’s earth time-space year of 2018, we have come a long, long way in the development of spiritual aspects, education and application of our innate abilities as a race, as a species if you will, of Consciousness…the human Consciousness which come into the physical body upon birth and gives our physical bodies ‘life animation’ to walk the physical plane of earth.

I state often that Seth is a “Multi-Dimensional Collective Consciousness”. Awesome!!! Now what does that mean? Though Seth describes ‘himself’ throughout some of his books, including some of his human incarnation lifetimes in Chapter 22 of Seth Speaks, let me help our readers understand a little more of what Seth “IS”.

When I, Jackson W. Moore died in an accident as a child that I have described in one of my first blogs, like many who have also had NDE’s or Near Death Experiences, I was for a time completely, fully, lucidly conscious and aware OUTSIDE of my physical body. Meaning, upon return from my focus into the non-physical realm that is widely described as ‘Heaven’, “I” (Very important concept to note here when I say “I” as remember, I am physically dead)…. “I” floated at the barn roof in front of my dead body, watching it hang from the beam. A second later “I” watched the rope break and heard the snap, as my lifeless body fell into a heap on the barn floor . Then, “I” floated above my physical body, looking down upon it. At the time, I discovered that I was able to move around the ceiling of the room above my body, hear others speaking, see them clearly, think, reason, question, etc. In short, I had the full CONSCIOUS AWARENESS of ME…the person I think of as ‘me’…Jackson, but I was OUTSIDE, looking AT my physical body that lay on the floor of the barn in which my accident occurred.

This part of ‘me’ that was outside of my physical body and hovering above it, FULLY and LUCIDLY aware, is what many call the Soul. Seth and I refer to this as “PERSONALITY CONSCIOUSNESS”. It is an immortal energy of Consciousness which is the individual personality of what I know as myself, Jackson W. Moore. It is the immortal part of me that is ALWAYS (let me here stress ALWAYS) CONNECTED and a part of, what many refer to as God, and what Seth and I refer to as “All That Is”.

This Personality Consciousness that I think of as me, this spirit part of me, this ‘soul’ of me…is IMMORTAL, as ALL human consciousness is. It is the part of me that came into my physical body during my physical birth; my incarnation into a human body to learn and grow and expand in our physical playground we call Earth and the Universe. This Personality Consciousness is the individual YOU of what you know to be YOU. It is indeed immortal. It is pure spirit energy that is conscious of itself and it cannot be in any way ever, harmed physically, killed, annihilated, ended, stopped…you get the picture. It is IMMORTAL.

When the physical body ‘dies’ and ceases efficient physical function, the Personality Consciousness leaves the physical body FULLY. (Our consciousness leaves partially in many instances, such as every night when we dream. More on that later). When our consciousness leaves the physical body fully, physical death occurs. In cases where the physical body has not been damaged beyond function, some Personality Consciousness’s such as mine, choose to come back to the physical plane to carry on our lessons, given the peek into the non-physical realm…and to teach others. When a Personality Consciousness leaves your body fully, your complete focus is FROM that outside-of-physical-body-perspective or point of viewing. You SEE your physical body and all things on the physical plane. Now, one can have OBE’s (Out of Body Experience) where part of their Personality Consciousness is for a few moments, viewing from this outside-of-physical-body-perspective.

I can absolutely assure you that when the Personality Consciousness LEAVES YOUR PHYSICAL BODY FULLY as in ‘physical death’, that your body is about as lifeless and inanimate as your couch sitting in your living room. It doesn’t do much and can lay in a nice crumpled heap on the ground. Someone else can poke it with a stick…one could do CPR. But without the Personality Consciousness choosing to remain in the physical body…the physical body is not much other than a flesh garment that we wear for the physical learning experience we call life.

Now, on the non-physical plane… simply one of many infinite dimensions, there is no true ‘separateness’ or disconnection between our Personality Consciousness and other’s Personality Consciousnesses, or other non-physical beings, etc. Think of it as the ocean for a moment. If all there was, was the ocean, and each of the trillions of individual waves upon the ocean represent each human personality consciousness…we may appear to a glance to be an individual wave, yet we waves are ALL CONNECTED, and that which is within one wave, is in fact innately, inseparably in ALL. Without the ocean…the wave would not exist. And a part of the individual, contains within it the essence of the whole. I like to say that ‘God’, All That Is….is within each human as the ocean is within each wave. It helps to conceptualize it this way.

Now, with these inexorable, unalterable, TIMELESS Truths given here above… it brings me back to Seth. We may think of Seth as a whole collection of personality consciousnesses, and Angel consciousness, and a vast, vast expansion of Being beyond that.

Frank Watts (from the Seth Materials book) is one of Seth’s many Personality Consciousness’. Seth is a Personality Consciousness. There are many personality consciousnesses that together form SETH. (Again, as many rocks form a mountain…an analogy Seth uses) As Seth and I teach, consciousness does not have a sex. Even human consciousness for sexual orientation and function is of course only a physical expression of consciousness. As a mountain is not a mountain without many rocks which make up the mountain, though each rock is an individual and key necessary part of the mountain, so too is each personality consciousness of Seth’s a key part of what Seth is.

Now…for purposes of actuality…his name is not SETH, so much as this is the name that he chooses to be referred to by, as it most closely represents the OVERALL personality in which he identifies himself as a Being. He (the larger Collective Consciousness/Entity) incarnated many, personality consciousnesses into the earth plane to learn here. Each accumulating knowledge, wisdom, overcoming fear, doubts, lower vibrations, interacting with others to learn, grow and expand. Each contributing to the main entity. As physical humans have children that go off their own way and grow and learn and live on, so too does Conscious Entities have personality consciousnesses. One of the Personality Consciousnesses that incarnated was a male who in that physical incarnation went by the name Seth. (See the Seth Materials and into Seth Speaks for more about these)

This personality consciousness was actually in a physical lifetime with Jane (in that lifetime the personality consciousness of Jane was a male named Ruburt) and Rob (in the lifetime with Seth and Ruburt, he was named Joseph). Seth…the larger entity of SETH that authored the books through the medium Jane Roberts, refers to himself as Seth so that Jane and Rob could address him in a way that would make sense on the physical plane as we are used to thinking single-dimensionally when it comes to personalities.

Because the larger entity of Seth, enjoys the personality characteristics and mannerisms of the personality consciousness of the male Seth that was once on the physical plane, he has chosen to be identified by that name. Also, though the personality consciousness (our soul) does not have a SEX (male or female…. obviously as it’s not physical), it may choose to identify with one particular characteristic set of MALE characteristics or FEMALE characteristics when we incarnation as a baby being born. And though we ALL incarnate as both male and female in our many re-incarnations to learn and develop both sides of the consciousness, we (our immortal personality consciousness) may PREFER one sex characteristic set over another, thus it may reincarnate more times as a male than female and hence develop very male/strong/forceful characteristics, or more gentle, or more balanced characteristics. I’m sure we all know some who are MENS MEN or WOMENS WOMEN and others who are more balanced, but some do tend to develop more along one human sex characteristic set than another, out of preference of the personality consciousness and the roles it enjoys to learn in on the physical earth/universe plane of reality.

Now, how ‘old’ is Seth as a consciousness? He is really, like the soul or personality consciousness within each and every human like you and I, timeless. Immortal. This may seem a funny concept, yet if you think about it, time is really a phenomenon of the physical environment we call our Universe, or, 3-dimensional reality of what appears to be space. So, back to when I died as a child; After physical death your consciousness leaves the focus from within the physical body and can focus INTO physical reality, or shift focus into the infinite non-physical reality. Afterall, you are now 100 zillion percent nonphysical as your physical body is dead. In this state of fully lucid consciousness, there are no clocks. There are no calendars. There are no winter, spring, fall or summer. Seasons are a thing of the earth plane. They do not exist outside of physical reality. Can one focus into physical reality and observe them after physical death? Yes, yet you can also focus instantly to nonphysical reality which is truly infinite. Time, clocks, watches, calendars, seasons are observable phenomenon based upon the earth’s rotation around in a 24 hour period and around in the Universe that provides our seasonal changes. It is outside of this physical reality in which Seth, and the greater part of you truly exist. That makes Seth, and yes…you, the inner, soul, personality consciousness that gives your physical body life animation to run around, immortal and timeless.

So SETH exists in a timeless dimension. His truths that he has articulated through Jane Roberts and now myself, originate from this timeless dimension. Again, the truths he has articulated are timeless. They are truths of the characteristics of how physical reality exists, originates, how all physical matter is created and exists and how we create more of it through our thoughts, intentions, actions (directional use of eternally creative energy), either knowingly or not, intentional or not. We do manufacture our own reality and perceive that to be our Universe.

Therefore, these Truths are TIMELESS “SPIRITUAL” TRUTHS. They are the truth of our existence, outside of the concept of time and physical space. They are as true today, as they were when he first articulated them to Jane and Rob starting back in our concept of time, of 1963. They were as true then as they were 1 Million years ago, and 10 Million years from now. Time is irrelevant as the truths do not change over time. For all eternity what Seth articulates will eternally be true. In our teachings, books and class materials we will teach much more about the phenomenon of time and of space. We will explain how we create our reality. Exactly HOW the Law of Attraction actually works. How we create physical objects, events, conditions and circumstances. We will detail essentially how the physical universe operates in various ways, how consciousness is inseparable and connected to ALL consciousness (All That IS…remember?) and where you as the reader fit into all of that. We will teach how you can purposefully, intentionally direct creative energy to change your life, improve your conditions, find the means, heal yourself and help spark healing in other forms of consciousness (humans, animals, plants, etc).

Seth began speaking to me personally in late 2016, into 2017 both in random and our regularly scheduled sessions as Jane and Rob had back in the 1960’s. Our history if you will, stems beyond this lifetime also as did Jane and Rob’s connections with Seth.

Seth and I, invite you on our journey. We invite you to read the original Seth books. We invite you to follow us over the years as we bring forth teachings and insights and actual physical evidence that that which he has articulated in his books, is indeed the basis of our reality and as such, can be consciously, intentionally CREATED, MANIFESTED to our desired liking. We DO form our own reality. Both personally in our individual lives, and together ‘en mass’, co-creating with all forms of consciousness, all species of consciousness, human and with our 3-dimensional universe.

This is part of the evolution of humankind. We, dear reader…you and I and Seth and All That Is, are that evolution in motion. Do you want answers to clarify that which you’ve always felt deep inside of you was asking questions your rational intellect could not explain? Read the Seth books. Read our blog. Follow along. Ask questions. Engage. Learn. Expand. Grow. Overcome… and Maximize the expression of the potential that you truly have within you to do so. Then bless the rest of the world with your unique gifts. YOU…are important. You are vital to All That Is. YOU…have gifts that you know not of. Discover them. Develop them. Gift them and teach them. Take the next step…and the next…and the next.

In closing this blog post, I will reiterate that if you are ‘alive’…breathing and reading this blog, THIS BLOG APPLIES TO YOU. DIRECTLY. PERSONALLY. You have within yourself the very same immortal being of consciousness that is here on the earth plane to discover, uncover, expand and grow. To learn of your own innate power to overcome and create. In all honesty, I have manifested, healed incurable diseases, and performed what many call ‘miracles’ though as Seth and I know, are simply natural acts of the immortal being within, that may at times seem far beyond what the rational, scientific or intellectual mind is capable of conceiving or understanding. You can do the same. It is innate within your consciousness. You need only to become aware of it, to develop it and practice with it, focus it and see for yourself. You have only to gain, and you may find a new you that you never dreamed would in this lifetime be possible. And as my Angels have told me many times- As you learn, so shall you teach, and as you teach, so shall you also learn. We are on this journey together and I am doing everything I can to share my learnings with you, my gifts, knowledge lifetime of learning and lessons, failures that led to my successes. “For these works that I have done, so shall you do also…and much greater works than these shall you do.” - Spoken by another teacher of human history. Now, it is YOUR turn to do the works. Are you ready to learn how and try and keep trying? To keep on becoming more?

Thank you, sincerely, for reading, sharing, posting, expanding, growing and becoming. We are all ever becoming. I am proud to serve you in the best way I can, with the guidance of Seth along the way.

Namaste – We salute the divinity in you. Jackson W. Moore

* As a side note, and in memory of my father Wayne Mark Moore who passed away TODAY, while I was actually in the middle of writing this blog, July 22, 2018, I cannot think of a better way to express that which I have come to earth to share, than to finish this blog today and post for our readers, that it may bring light upon their darkness and send out energy of love, kindness, compassion and blessings to all. To my dad- I am sure that mom, who passed away only 5 months ago, has already met you on the other side and is now telling you "SEE...IT IS REAL! WE TOLD YOU AND NOW YOU CAN SEE FOR YOURSELF! YOU DO SURVIVE BEYOND THE PHYSICAL PLANE!" I will talk with you soon, when you are out of your newbie, just crossed over into the non-physical dimension orientation class. Be gentle with him mom. Now he knows the Truth we always knew. I Love you dad. Loved you yesterday, love you still, always have, always will.

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