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Troubleshooting manifestation & intentional creation

Eternal Wisdom from Seth on what TO DO and what NOT to do. Seth uses Jackson as an example lesson in troubleshooting intentional manifestation efforts. What do you do when things are not happening as you expected and how do you catch yourself to self-correct? In digging through my Seth dictation sessions for a new blog post, I came across this and its an EXCELLENT reminder from Seth about these very nagging questions when we are frustrated trying to manifest things in our life. We hope sharing my mistakes helps you recognize yours and correct them to get back on path also!

From Seth:

We are here Jackson Thomas, eternally there for your calling. Now, we realize that you have had a little bit of a rough time in the past few days, wrestling as it is with the rational mind experience on the physical plane. You know however, what your tools are and how to use them and it is a matter then, of putting the tools you know to work. Taking the time out of your daily schedule and using the tools to raise your vibration and allowing the divine to work, as we do, in and through you. It is not that you do not know what to do. You DO know what to do. It is simply that you must do it, even if you’ve done it a thousand times.

It does not matter what didn’t come to fruition “yesterday” for you cannot judge what is about to appear before your very eyes, at any given moment of time, by what did or did not appear “yesterday”. Again, reacting to what did not appear yesterday will continually put you in the “creative loop” whereby you are continuing to create the experience of WHAT DID NOT APPEAR ‘YESTERDAY’.

You must tell a different story. You must begin to shift your thoughts into a more fruitful pattern, telling your story as you DESIRE IT TO LOOK, FEEL AND EXPERIENCE IT. You are the creator of your story. You are the creator of your life. And if you are constantly telling the same story over and over about how you’ve waited and waited or that things did not appear ‘yesterday’ in your life, that you have been attempting to materialize, well then…you are creating exactly those conditions to appear.

You are what is happening to you, for you, creatively speaking that is. Yes, divine intervention is possible at all times and of course miracles can occur at any moment. However, they are most conducive to appear when YOU are in higher vibrational alignment with the SOURCE of the miracles in the first place. And that is not in the rational mind, limited thoughts, or the emotions of upset, frustration or any other emotion that is perhaps associated with the lack of appearance of what it is that you have sought to physically manifest.

As we have said before, it would be fruitful for you, beneficial to you and for you, to develop some of the ‘tools’ workbooks, such as our workbooks that we’ve discussed for a few years now, so that you can use them for your own creative expressions and manifestation works. We have talked about how these could benefit you before. You have laid them out in your notebooks in drawings and so forth. Yet you have not yet put them into daily use in a pattern of energy that is most conducive to the appearance of that which you have set out to experience.

You might journal for a few days, telling your story as you desire it to be…but then you get off track again and ‘push the pause button’ if you will, in the free flow of divine vibrational energy into and through you… and out into physical expression. You get focused on the ‘how and when’ and trying to figure out how you are going to accomplish something or when something you may need will appear, and in so doing, you are setting up the CONDITION whereby you notice in the rational mind, as it looks for your manifestation, that it notices it is not yet present in it's 3-dimensional world that it can sense with your 5-human senses.

This is why of course that it is not just a good idea to let go of the how and why and move through each day with acceptance and grace, joy and indifference, enjoying the moments as if each one was a PRESENT…as in like a Christmas present, gift, that you are experiencing moment to moment.

If instead you get off track by noticing what you do not yet have, looking for it around you in physical terms, you will set up the very effective condition by which you create the experience that it is missing in your life, physically. You get what you focus your attention upon. You draw it to you by your attention and awareness of it being in your reality.

By now you are an expert at these truths. You know them inside out and upside down however that does not mean that you are applying them to the degree that you must, to see the results that you desire, and that which benefits you and our mission in the ways that it can and will.

Divine timing = frequency match.

That is our ‘divine clock’ timing the appearance of manifestations. When the frequency matches. Not just your personal frequency but that of the divine, its own appearance in space and time and conditions of your society, culture and the ‘Universe’ around you so to speak.

The saying of course is that “The Universe does not speak English. It speaks in frequencies.” Is a good one. However, bear in mind that this automatically implies the truth that;

The Universe does not EXPRESS in terms of physical conditions you place upon your creations. It EXPRESSES itself in terms of vibrational frequencies which collect and guide the consciousness that expresses into the material matter in the forms of objects, conditions, and events.

You manifest that which you are vibrationally associated with in the states of consciousness that you are creating and holding by way of your attention upon things.

Now, if we look at our Frequency Chart that we use in our teachings and lectures, you…being on the 3-dimensional plane where energy is moving slower and is so ‘slow’ in vibration that it gives you a solid-looking appearance of physical matter, then one can see that you must rise in consciousness -frequency vibration- to better match the Source energy/consciousness from which all things are created.

You align You.

You rise in vibrational frequency to be a closer match to the divine frequencies and in so doing you will not perceive as many of the earth-bound impediments and roadblocks as you ‘rise above them’….vibrationally. They simply do not exist in your experience anymore for you are now vibrating to the higher vibrations of the truth of your being. The light. For the light is the truth and the truth is the light and in the light there can be no darkness or perception of it.

You only perceive such challenges when viewing your reality, and subsequently reacting to it, via your “Rational Mind Glasses” if you will. The perception filter created by lower vibrational frequencies.

“If I, if I be lifted up from the earth (plane), I shall draw all men (all manifestations) to me” – meaning when I raise my perception and point of view, in vibrational frequencies so that my perception is seeing and interacting with all physical reality FROM that higher point of view and perception, then ALL THINGS, shall be drawn to you as to the nature of your own thoughts and dominant state of vibrations in consciousness.

When you slip off path and dip in vibration- this is natural for human beings. You cannot be a human being without facing this challenge as it is one of the fundamental challenges of the perceptions of Rational Mind, as it only sees what it can detect with the 5-physical human senses. Get up again and use your tools diligently.

You know that your emotions are just like the road signs along your roads as you drive. Emotions that match Green-Light-Go, Red-Light-Stop, Yellow-Light-Caution as they are in the United States used. Emotions are the same way. Use them as if they are SIGNS for you, as they truly are there for this purpose as well and pay attention to them to GUIDE YOURSELF to back to the path wherein you are more often in the Green-Light-Go emotions.

Those that feel good, free, joyful, and happy, trustful and passive as to outcomes and timing.

The emotions have many purposes of course and are part of your creative toolset. One that we will discuss more at length in the future. However one of their creative, natural purposes is to provide an inward mechanism of immediate recognition as to the current vibrational state of consciousness that you have, in that moment, created, and the point from which you are now, in that moment, sending these vibrations out in consciousness (The Universe as it is popularly called sometimes) to be your current vibrational point of attraction to which all things will conspire to bring you the nature of your own consciousness.

You cannot escape You. Understand that.

You cannot, physical in human form, or nonphysical before and after your physical lifetimes, ever…escape your own creative energy in terms of the vibrational quality of that which you are using as your creative environment and ‘setting’ as a part of your creative recipe, to create your reality….physically and not.

Your slightest thoughts and emotions create “universes”. You are simply not aware of them as most people only choose to perceive reality based virtually solely on what the rational mind can detect with its directed use of the 5-human senses.

Dear friends, I will tell you…that once you can detect something with the 5-human senses…IT HAS ALREADY MANIFESTED. You are viewing and touching and smelling and tasting and so forth, the end product of previous states of consciousness that you have ‘caught up to in time’ so that they have merged into your present moment view of physical reality to give you life unfolding each moment of each day.

Reacting to that physical matter, the objects, conditions and events around you, you re-act and act-over-again that same type of experience because reactions of the rational mind will create the energy to bring the same types of experiences back into your near future as you once again, catch up in time with your own creations. You are what is happening for you. To learn more productive ways of directing your own consciousness, which is eternally creative, by use of the rational mind and intellect…which directs the inner consciousness, connected to ‘God’/All That Is…. And draws up your next experiences in life as you know it…in physical terms of expression.


You must INTENTIONALLY, PURPOSEFULLY, set about creating a new ‘future’ reality by using your creative tools to direct your own and all consciousness, to attract into your experience and perception of physical reality, the expressions of objects, events and conditions that will make up a probable reality that you DESIRE to experience. Then you must pour energy into that new, shifted reality and ‘live it’ as if it was your reality…feeling in every way that you can, as vividly as you can, this new reality…. Injecting your human senses into your imagination and directed imaginary and mental focus, to create energy patterns in the ‘4th dimension’ of consciousness, like dreams….which will in time and with consistent feeding them energy, will ‘thicken’ them into creative expressions that will express themselves in physical, material matter of 3-dimensions.

If you hold the patterns in your consciousness as if they are your current experience of reality…then are you CREATING your reality intentionally, purposefully, directed and creatively.

When you feel them all the way to your core, as if they were your current experiences in life, you can then release them for you do not ask ‘God’ nor try to manifest that which you already have.

It is this magical zone, this magical space…where you feel that it is real, physically, and you know beyond any doubt that one day it will be, that when left alone to the divine and released from your mind’s attention and awareness for periods of time spanning days to weeks, that suddenly it, or signs of the object, event or condition will begin to appear to you.

During the process of intentional, purposeful creative manifestation, there is a very, very important 2 phase process if you will that must be followed well, or you will not experience success as fruitfully and often as you may desire.

1. There is the creation of your object, event or condition.

2. Then there is the ALLOWING of your object, event, or condition…or something for your highest good.

It is often not the first part that many fall down on and do not experience success in creating that which they desire.

It is often the second part of ALLOWING room for the divine to work, whereby the divine must have full control over the manifestation where it can freely coalesce into patterns of expression that give you physically appearing matter.

We suggest always intending your manifestation or that of the highest good, for “Our ways are higher than yours” in that the divine knows of many ways and means, paths and outcomes that you perhaps have not thought of and this intention to “leave room for God” allows those probable outcomes to flow if one of them benefits you more than the one you’d originally intended.

Now, if you are holding your creative manifestation constantly in your attention…you are essentially saying to ‘God’/Source/All That Is, that you do not want to take your eyes of your prize for fear it will disappear and in so doing, you hold it in your consciousness, awareness and attention constantly…and in so doing, it is not fully released for the divine to act upon your creation freely.

This is a common POF… Point Of Failure whereby you teach yourself the lesson of holding onto things that you have previously ‘asked’ the divine to materialize in form of intentional creative manifestation work.

You are holding it back. By your attention to it constantly. Let go and let it flow. Trust that it will absolutely come into physical expression and if it comes to mind, smile, and feel the knowing…it’s already there, and one day it will be.

Now, I EMPHASIZE some of these words in our session so that the reader pays attention to them. Meaning they are common points of truth that sometimes escape many, causing frustrations during the intentional manifestation process. Jackson himself will testify that he has, over the years, caught himself in many of these little nuances of the manifestation and creative process, so that he has had to call them to his own attention. He is then, learning of the adversities of humanity so that he can learn to overcome them, and in so doing, blaze the path as a leader by which others can see the way through the illumination of the truths within themselves, that Jackson Thomas here has creatively had to use for his own successful navigation of these common challenges. And I might mention here that so too are you. Every one of our readers can indeed do the same, as that is why you are there on the physical plane.

Not just to learn of your own directive and creative use of consciousness and energy in harmony with all other consciousness (and it’s physical expressions such as other humans, animals, nature, your planet), but also to enhance the lives and environment in which you find yourself to be living and an active participant in.

We hope you have enjoyed today’s lesson and put it to active thought, use and practical application in your own creative endeavors. May love and light lead you all. Seth

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