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Vibrational Frequency, Emotions and Manifestation – What’s The Connection?

Seth speaks truths about manifestation and how we allow it to express, or can impede it unknowingly, and explains why we want to be aware of our personal vibration.

"Science has shown that all physical matter that has atomic mass, and appears physical, is a massive grouping of atoms, which, together, form atomic mass or…solid appearing objects. Atoms of course are made of energy and all energy has innate and natural to its existence, a certain rate of vibration that is known as its frequency. So how are vibrational frequencies, emotions and manifestation of your reality connected? Why is it important to be aware of your inner emotions, state of consciousness and personal vibrational frequency? Why do manifestations flow into my life or not and what’s the connection here?

If we truly understand that ALL PHYSICAL REALITY is created FROM non-physical reality and that the laws of attraction to draw energies and their forms of expression (as physical matter) to you, then we can understand clearly why it is that having a higher vibrational frequency is so conducive to the free flow of ALL things from the divine plane, into physical expressions on the earth plane.

When you, personally, vibrate at the source, AS the object, state, condition that you seek, be it health, wealth, success, prosperity, love, joy, etc… then YOU become the magnet to attract it into your personal focus, perception, and your physical life experiences.

However, often many people are so busy with their day to day lives, work and all the activities of normal life that they are challenged with keeping their personal rate of vibration high enough to experience divine flow and the physical manifestation of that which they truly desire to experience in life. When one is so busy, it can be very beneficial then, to use visual tools that will serve as a reminder to be present and aware at that moment, of where they are vibrationally peaking, by a quick assessment of their current self-talk, feelings, and emotions.

Figure 1

We remind you that…you, all humans, are the channels through which the divine works. If you have a thunderstorm of emotion within you, pent up energy, apprehension, anxiety or in other ways are tying up energy within… you are NOT allowing that which you truly desire to flow into your experience. These stormy emotions then are created by the rational/intellectual mind that judges your physical reality based upon only what it is PRESENTLY seeing around you. That which is already manifest/physical.

Now if you want more of your present conditions, then by all means, dwell upon them.

However, if you are truly seeking to SHIFT your physical experiences onto a new path to experience new events, new people, success, health, wealth and all of the blessings that are possible, well then-- you must FEEL them and see them in the imagination to attract them to you most effectively.

Where are so many challenged when attempting creative manifestation?

They are challenged by lower vibrational frequencies which serve to cloud, block and impede the natural flow of divine creation. These lower vibrational frequencies are often caused by what we will here call the rational mind orientation or perspective. This can create a personal block of energy flow through your own consciousness and hence, impede your natural expressions of manifestation from appearing physically. This blockage then we will call the Rational Mind Veil. As it is almost like a veil that surrounds you and becomes a part of your aura. The personal energy field that surrounds you and emits from the inside, out.

Figure 2

Here in figure 2 we see that the blue is your consciousness/soul/I AM, etc. The yellow represents what we will call the Rational Mind Veil that is like the clouds that block the sun. In this case, our rational mind veil is created by the lower vibrational thoughts and perceptions that are based on the limited views of the rational/intellectual mind. The rational mind looks around and judges its reality based only upon what the 5 human senses can detect. Therefore, its views and perceptions are limited at best.

Fear, doubt, and anxiety and those attributes we list on the bottom of our vibrational frequency chart in Fig. 1 are what create this Rational Mind Veil. This…is an energy layer that you create around yourself that blocks the natural flow of divine energy from ‘The Universe’, ‘God’, Creator, etc…from flowing into and through you, and expressing as your physical reality. Life as you are experiencing it.

These emotions of the lower part of our chart then, are clear indicators that you are not currently vibrating at the higher levels where they do not exist. These are not divine emotional energies…they are lower vibrations of the earth plane, associated with the limited views and perceptions of the rational mind.

Lower vibrational thoughts such as “I do not see it around me right now therefore it’s missing, and I don’t know how to get it” are creating the state of consciousness (vibration) that you do not have it. Thus…you are blocking its natural flow of expression and impeding your own success via your present state of consciousness. You do not attract to you that which you do not believe to be possible or present. The ‘Law of Attraction’ natural to all energy on your physical plane does not attract what is opposite of it.


To notice and dwell upon what is missing in your life, is to create it very effectively to be missing in your life.

Once an individual has learned how to use all their creative manifestation tools, it is often not that they aren’t creating their desires correctly or effectively. It is that they are not ALLOWING them to flow forth in divine timing, as they unknowingly may create blockages where the rational mind forms the ‘veil’ around them and therefore, impedes the flow of their manifestations from appearing.

How do we better allow the creative flow?

When you are at PEACE with where you are at in life, when you do not feel the anxiety, tension, stress…when you focus in the Present Moment of Power that is in your awareness at every moment, and do not worry about the many things around you that are not yet present, manifest, resolved, etc… then THIS IS THE STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS OF RELAXED TRUSTFUL PASSIVITY that allows the divine flow of physical creation to express.

  • You are the faucet.

  • You are the ON/OFF switch.

  • You speed it up in attraction, or pause something from coming into your physical experience.

  • You are the creator of your own personal reality.

So it is that when you are in the higher vibrations that we depict on our vibrational frequency chart, stress, anxiety, worry, fear, doubts, and other lower earth plane rational mind rooted emotions DO NOT EXIST HERE AT HIGHER VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCIES.

While it is trite to say it, many times simply raising a great deal in personal vibration can indeed ALLOW miracles, magical activities, synchronicities and so forth to occur for you, simply because you have “turned on the faucet” and flow within Self.

While miracles are always possible, in terms of general day to day manifestation of your life experience… The divine/God/Source/Creator/Universe can do no more FOR you than it can do THROUGH you. Through your consciousness. As you are the channel through which the divine manifests into your lives. Individually, and collectively. YOU must align then with the higher vibrational frequencies from which all creation is sourced. As no one can go to the gym for you and make you stronger, no one can do the vibrational and inner work to raise your personal frequency vibration and state of consciousness and hence, your point of attraction and flow.

You are what happens for you.

When you understand VIVIDLY AND CLEARLY that YOU are the channel of consciousness through which all things in your personal life manifest into objects, events, conditions, people, health, wealth, prosperity and success, then you will gain great wisdom and insight as to why it is so critically important that you, yourself, clear the mental clutter of the rational mind and BE in the realm of creative flow so that you may experience it expressed in physical terms.

The understanding of this truth is an absolute key in terms of success or not in regard to personal manifestation of one’s life, intentionally and purposefully. If you do not understand that you are your own key, your own channel through which the divine works and expresses, then you will throughout your lifetime, be wondering why it is that your life is the way it is, for you will not understand or perceive clearly that you were the key and the cause in the first place.

This understanding, integration, and application then, is a very important aspect of human evolution as creative beings." -Seth

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Deanna Hannan
Deanna Hannan
27 feb 2022

I love it when you ask for guidance in an area of your life and you truly expect an answer and BOOM there it is!! This touches my life right now 100% Jackson!! It is such an eye opener because my life is very busy and it is for so many other beings I talk to!! Instead of us taking things off our plate we are adding more instead everyday! So is the key to manifestation still being able to add to your life especially if it is for the greater good for all knowing you are called to do things on this earth plane so therefore would it be to focus on mastering balance so that the two ca…

Mi piace
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