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Updated: Jul 29, 2020

You are an immortal Personality Consciousness, and an inseparable part of a much greater infinite sea of Consciousness.  “You” have adventured to incarnate into the human physical body and live out your physical existence on the earth plane with a goal of learning how to use the human mind to consciously direct eternal creative energies toward the successful creation of your personal reality and en masse the entire physical Universe that you know.

From the moment that you are a child, growing in your physical environment, you begin to form beliefs about your physical reality, based largely upon those beliefs in which you find yourself within the context of your family’s social environment and their belief systems.  While some of these beliefs are indeed useful and necessary for the survival of the individual in your learning environment, many of them are formed, which, when carried with you through adulthood, serve to limit your creative use of energies.  These beliefs then, often form the boundaries in which your entire physical life experience will grow to adulthood and eventually onto physical death, within the context and structures that you yourself have formed with your beliefs about your physical reality.  I stress the word ‘about’ here as indeed these beliefs are often those that you have formed about your reality, and not the Truth of reality itself.

Therefore, to shift your life experience from one of limitations in all manners, it is first imperative to understand that you have learned over your lifetime to FORM your beliefs.  You can, with some effort and exercises, un-learn and release the old, limiting beliefs, and install much more expanded and liberal belief structures that will allow your personal and group experiences of reality to expand, enriching your life experience and the culture and society in which you’ve presently found yourselves.

I state again, your beliefs form your reality, your body, and its condition, your personal relationships, your environment and en masse your civilization and world.  Your beliefs automatically attract to them the appropriate emotions.  They reinforce themselves through the imagination; and, at the risk of repeating myself, because this is so important: Imagination and feeling follow your beliefs.  It is not the other way around.

As we have discussed in other works, there is no separation of Self.  Which automatically implies that there is no separation between your beliefs, your emotions and the way in which they serve as a self-built framework within which you yourself create your experiences of reality.  One does not simply say that their emotions and beliefs are separate then from the perceptions, experiences and reality in which they find themselves at every given moment in ‘time’.  Your emotions then, and your imagination both follow your beliefs.  When you change your beliefs, you change your perceptions about your reality experiences, and hence the emotions attached to them, and your joyful experiences in the life that you know.  When the old and limiting belief vanishes, then the same emotional context which once caused you to feel one particular way is no longer entertained by your imagination, and your imagination turns in other creative directions.  Beliefs automatically mobilize your emotional and imaginative powers, which fuels your creative energies as they are directed along the lines within these beliefs.

You are not at the mercy of your limiting beliefs, nor emotions, unless you yourself believe yourself to be.  Therefore, when you come to recognize emotions which do not feel like the joyful freeing emotions that you desire to feel, it is a sure sign that this is your opportunity to do some self-examination then of the personal beliefs held within your own mind to determine their nature and, to direct your thoughts into forming new beliefs that do support the emotional responses to match your new beliefs.

When you are examining the contents of your conscious mind, you must learn, or recognize, the emotional and imaginative connotations that are connected with a given idea.  Awareness is your first step in the process toward growth beyond your present limiting beliefs and, the emotions connected to them.  There are various ways of altering the belief by substituting its opposite.  One particular method is three-pronged.  You generate the emotion opposite of the one that arises from the belief that you want to change, and you turn your imagination in the opposite direction from the one dictated by the belief.  At the same time, you consciously assure yourself that the unsatisfactory belief is an idea aboutreality and not an aspect of reality itself.

Quite deliberately, you use your conscious mind playfully, creating a game as children do, in which for a time you completely ignore what seems to be in physical terms, and you pretend that what you really want is real.  Now, it took some time for you to form your current belief system in which you’ve created your life as you now experience it.  It may then take some time also for your new beliefs to change the direction of your experiences and they will assuredly do so, for your experiences will indeed follow your beliefs just as faithfully with the new beliefs, as it has for your present beliefs thus far in your life.

Now, your conscious thinking largely determines your emotions and not the other way around. 

Again, you are not at the mercy of your emotions, either, for they are meant to follow the flow of your reasoning.  Your imagination of course fires your emotions, and it follows your beliefs faithfully.  As you think, so you feel.  Not the other way around.  Your thoughts are not separate from your feelings for it is your perceptions in thought that generate associated emotions attached to those thoughts.

You have a conscious mind.  You can change the focus of your own consciousness.

Your beliefs, once more, form your reality, shaping your life and all of its conditions.

You are responsible for your conscious thoughts.  You are responsible for the direction you choose to focus your consciousness and, for the thoughts that you entertain, the beliefs you choose to hold within your mind and the subsequent experiences of reality conditions, events and circumstances about you.  If you are less than thrilled then with any aspects of your reality experiences, again, you will want to examine the beliefs that are accessible if you choose to take the time in self-reflection to examine their nature and what may need to shift to create your new experiences as you desire them to be.

If you hold an erroneous belief in mind and it serves to limit experiences in your present life conditions, then as long as you, yourself, hold to that belief, so will you experience it as your personal reality.

The conscious mind of man is meant to be a reasoning tool.  In this intellectual process then, we can reason that our experiences are not where we desire them to be.  Therein lies a ‘hidden’ cause, yet it is only hidden because you have not taken the time nor care to examine the nature of the beliefs that form the boundaries in which your reality experience is conditioned.

Now, some of your beliefs may be life long held beliefs that originated in your childhood.  Again, you are not at the mercy of these beliefs, nor are you constrained by them, unless you yourself believe yourself to be.  Because your imagination follows your beliefs, you can then find yourself in a vicious circle wherein you are constantly painting pictures in your mind that reinforce “negative” aspects of your life.  The way in which you perceive or interpret events then will always be in the light of your beliefs.  Your beliefs ‘color’ the perceptions of any given condition or event and serves as the filter through which you are viewing and judging it within your experience.  You ‘frame’ them inside your belief structure as an artist would frame their picture.

If you think of yourself as the artist in which you are constantly, in every moment of your perception of time, painting a live, 3-dimensional living picture of your life and framing it within the beliefs about reality in which you have built over your lifetime, you begin to see that your reality can indeed be painted in a much better light if you desire it to be.  You must first fully believe that you are indeed the creator of your experience of reality.  Once you do, you of course then realize that you yourself always held the power within your own being, natural to all humans, to be wielded and directed by your own conscious mind, toward the creation of reality in which you desire it to be.

You must then, when experiencing adverse or unpleasant experiences in life, begin with a hearty self-examination of your beliefs, root out those that seem to limit you, recognize their associated emotions if they are not of a pleasant nature, and begin to craft within your mind the directions you desire your new experiences of reality to be.

Again, you are in corporeal form within physical reality, learning how to use your conscious mind to creatively direct eternally present, eternally creative energies, into realities that are of a pleasant and fulfilling nature to not only yourself, but the society, culture and world that you know.  You are expanding your value fulfillment and knowledge of Self.

Most of our readers are already glaringly aware that there is indeed, room for positive improvements in their life experiences.  Awareness is our first step.  Then we move to self-examination.  This is the part of the process that many do not make it past for they are simply either not yet aware that they can indeed change their reality, or are too lazy to participate in the introspection that would deliver them much improved results.  When you examine your limiting beliefs and the emotions that they generate, then you begin to understand that they are very much indeed real-life lessons to learn to grow beyond them.

Moving onto the generation of new belief structures, using imaginative processes such as our “present moment of power” exercise, and our magical/natural approach to life, you then begin shifting the frequencies of energy being emitted by your thoughts, which form new beliefs, which bring about a much more expanded and enhanced experience in the reality you know as your life.

Practical application over time will bring results in a positive nature, just as assuredly as your current results have been created by previously held beliefs.

What you believe to be true in your experience, is true.  (To you)  To change the physical effect, you must change the original belief.  Again, as it has taken some time for your originating beliefs to form your reality experiences, it will take a little time for them to shift and grow in a new direction.  Allow them that growth.  Allow yourself the freedom to take little steps, and celebrate little successes which add up to larger successes and progress.  Recognize that this is a growth process for all to encounter and do not fault yourself for any previous experiences for they have all brought you to where you are now, creating new experiences as your awareness grows and your consciousness expands.

We have discussed much material here to stress that you, form your own reality.  Therefore it does no good to arbitrarily assign the task of creating your personal reality, beliefs or emotions, including emotional reactions to any other, stating perhaps that some individual made you do this, or made you feel that emotion.  YOU are in charge of your own emotions and none other.

If you assign the power for another in your world to generate emotions within you, that are not of a pleasing nature to you, then you erroneously assign your creative power over your own reality to another when you yourself are indeed responsible for your own emotions.  Examine the beliefs that have created limiting perceptions which have stirred such emotions and use the experience to become aware that you can indeed very successfully grow beyond them.

If your intentions are truly to grow beyond limiting experiences and the belief structures that helped shape them; to form new beliefs and shift your experiences, then the use of the will to do so and some practical application will eventually bring about the conditions in which new experiences appear more and more in your life.

Reminders;  Your beliefs, once more, form your reality, shaping your life and all of its conditions.

You have a conscious mind.  You can change the focus of your own consciousness.

You are responsible for your conscious thoughts.  You are responsible for the direction you choose to focus your consciousness.

This is the nature of Personal Reality.  YOUR personal reality.  You form it.  You have a conscious mind to direct your creative energies to change it.  You can do so.  You do so now without being consciously aware of what you are doing as you are forming your life experiences.  Begin then, to be more aware of your creative energies, examine your beliefs, create new ones in place of those that do not serve to be fruitful in the experiences you desire to have in life.   - Seth

March 30th 2019

Co-authors note from Jackson here;

While Seth quotes some material from his Nature of Personal Reality book to tie our material into originally stated Truths articulate through Jane/Ruburt, Seth has altered some of this material and added to it new material, in alignment with his statements that we are bringing much of his works to the world in a new way; expanding, clarifying, framing slightly differently to expand upon the original context and meaning within the truths themselves.  Seth has stated to me and I will publish some of the personal statements as such, that it is his intentions to break the typical dogma that the world at large may have in connection to his original works 'must be a certain way' and is actively expanding upon not only his original works, but breaking the public's associations with it only coming through Jane, or a woman medium, or that it is limited to such and such way of authorship.  Seth- is obviously and unlimited, timeless Conscious Collective and not subject to limitations that we as a society have placed typically upon his previous works, authorship, expressions, etc.  There is MUCH in the works for Seth and, it appears quite apparent to me, that his original works and books with Jane/Ruburt and Rob/Joseph were but a mere warm-up for what is coming next.  As ALL consciousness does, and as many best selling authors do, Seth is improving his original works and adding more volumes to the insertion of new ideas into the physical historical time period of earth that we now think of as 2019 and beyond.  If one has truly read the original Seth books and, understood them to any level of proficiency, then it is unquestionable as to the nature of Seth choosing to improve upon his works.  As he worked with Jane and Rob beginning in 1963, he now works through me in 2019.  If one read his original books, Seth explains that there is NO SUCH THING as 'time' outside of our physical reality's perception of it.  To Seth, he can simultaneously dictate a session to Jane in 1963, to me in 2019 and to another in the year 2184, as well as 10 more historical 'time' periods- simultaneously.  To Seth, meeting with me for a session in 2019 on Wednesday night at 9:10 pm, or with Jane and Rob at 9:30 pm on Thursday evening in 1963 is no more than a simple thought of a calculation whereby he simply 'intercepts' our time-space reality at any given point in our historical context of 'time' that to US, appears to be those dates and times and days.  Now, Seth uses these examples to EXPAND upon his original articulation of truths as to the vastly unlimited and expansive potential of our immortal consciousness which resides partially focused from within the human form, for the duration of our physical learning experience in the context of what we perceive to be historical time.  There is sooooo much more to come.  Thank you, to each and every one who reads, enjoys and shares in the expansion and continued expression of Seth and our Timeless Truths.  -Jackson

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Jul 21, 2020

Excellent Information! A must read!

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