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Current Global Conflict, Events & The Evolution of Consciousness in Humanity – Part 2

Current Global Conflict, Events & The Evolution of Consciousness in Humanity – Part 2

In our first part of this blog, we discussed the chaos that is occurring in countries around the world, and how that relates to the evolution of consciousness within humanity. Essentially, it is as if humanity itself is a child that is going through it’s adolescent and often turbulent years, pushing the boundaries, seeking to understand itself, acting out, etc. This…is what you are literally seeing on a grand scale of humanity at large as the CONSIOUCSNESS of humanity as a whole, evolves beyond the ‘teenage’ years and moves into wisdom and maturity that benefit more the whole, and less the few individuals who sought control over the many.

Humanity-- in your perception of time, seems to have evolved from the Neanderthal or the caveman into the hustling bustling society it is today. With that evolution you have created great trinkets, gadgets and technology that has made your civilization advance… along certain lines that is. Therefore, you may believe that you are an advanced, evolved society and culture on your planet. But how evolved are you in other terms of humanity?

Now, I shall provide you with some insights that have perhaps been overlooked by some who are yet to awaken to the truth of humanity and physical existence that you know on earth. While you have evolved TECHNOLOGY to a degree that is beneficial to humanity at large, you have not as yet on a grand scale, evolved as a SPECIES to a fuller degree that is most beneficial to humanity en masse. While your technology may seem advanced to you from the perception and standpoint that you view it, there are other life civilizations out there in the universe and other dimensions of reality that would far exceed what you believe to be your most advanced technologies of today. So while technology has advanced a great degree, and mankind no longer uses charcoal on the walls of stone caves to communicate images that have meaning he desires to convey, you have not truly evolved as a species to the degree that is very achievable, until you evolve that which is within you, that creates you….that heals you and that creates the entire physical world around you.

You see… You create your own reality. From the inside…out. So, there is work to be done, physically speaking. So while you must also take the physical steps in the directions you desire to go in life, it should NOT be at the cost of forgetting to do your inner work. So yes you have to work and do physical tasks to move your life forward. Yes, you must take action in full faith and belief that what you desire is just beyond the horizon that you can see, or around the corner if you will. However, you must do the inner work if it is ever to appear in your external world around you as physical reality. This is of course important to a critical degree as all physical reality in your life unfolds from the core of your Being within, outward.

That’s why it’s called an EXPRESSION. You are expressing your life into material matter, from within, outward into physical reality.

Yet I assure you, that if you do not set up the INNER conditions; changes in thoughts contemplated and held, belief systems that must be examined and released, what thoughts and emotions are of higher vibrations that feel good, rather than those of limitation and struggle, then you will not experience those changes externally…in your physical life. If you believe in great limitations in life, then I assure you, you will meet them in your experience!

To EVOLVE as the human species then, you MUST evolve the inner Being within you if ever you are to truly evolve the outer being and physical reality around you. Again, while your technology has shown great improvements in its evolutionary growth process, humanity is now at a stage where it is time for them to take the next step. And this is not a step outward, but rather, inward. You MUST as a species, begin to look inward to the very creative energy of ‘God’/Source/The Divine that is within you, that provides your flesh with life and animation to walk the earth. That portion of yourselves that is immortal, unlimited and eternally connected to not only ‘God’/Source/The Universe, etc…but also eternally connected to ALL other human-beings through this ‘Being’ portion of yourselves. Which also means of course that ‘you’, your Being/Soul/Consciousness is also connected to ALL other forms of consciousness that is of the same divine Source, no matter what physical form of ex-pression (pressing outward from within) they may take.

Be it rock or flower, water droplet or planet, animal or atom, you share the same connection via that which gives you LIFE, and gives ALL PHYSICAL MATTER FORM. Consciousness forms physical matter. NOT, the other way around. Physical matter IS consciousness ex-pressed into infinite forms of ‘God’ or All That Is.

You must begin now, as a species, to recognize the true heritage and origin of not only yourselves as physical beings, but of ALL physical forms that pervade your system of 3-dimensional reality. This…is when you become fully aware of the true gifts of the divine that are already within you, to create your worlds in harmonious ways, with all of nature and the natural world around you.

Once you become aware of what you truly are, your origin, your natural connection to ALL of the Divine/Source/Christ Consciousness, etc…then you will begin to discover that you can actually intentionally direct this inner immortal portion of you as a human-being, to create magical events, miracles, forms, objects, conditions, events and draw from the unlimited energy around you, into your experience, all things that conspire to bring forth that which you desire in your physical lives. AKA…Manifestation or essentially, creating your own reality…intentionally, purposefully.

Now, you have free will. You can put this down and walk away. You can personally pause your own evolution, because you are the creator of YOUR personal experience and hence, how you choose to evolve. You may evolve through learning to use your inner being to co-create in harmony with all of nature. You may evolve through challenge, forged by fire, bent into shape of a hard life. You choose your own path. So it is that you also choose to hold onto this and read that which we have detailed here to help you re-awaken to that which the inner being within you already knows.

Your inner Being already knows the way, the path, the purpose, the solutions, the answers in life. It is awakening TO this inner Being, and bringing these things into your walking, waking awareness of the intellectual mind, so that you may begin to use them that is your challenge. Again, I have stated this before, you cannot use your own talents and tools effectively to create if you are not first aware of them. Awaken thou that sleep!!!

When you expand your perception of yourself, beyond the flesh human that you think you are, to incorporate MORE of the Being portion of you, and then begin to shift your identity of Self as the Being within rather than the human flesh body, then you will begin to unlock the very potential that is within you, simply dormant and awaiting your command.

You must make your rational, intellectual mind aware of these truths. And then, through free will and choice, practice, practice and more practice expanding your personal consciousness and awareness until you begin then, to perceive a much grander, incredibly rich and rewarding experience, finding power and energy to do things you once never dreamed possible. Yet you cannot use them most effectively if you do not know what they are and you cannot learn about what they are if you are not as yet aware that you even have them as inseparable portions of your ‘soul’ or inner self.

This….is where you being to expand that awareness of Self. This, is where you can receive the knowledge that for millennia has come to the forefront of some of the greatest leaders, inventors and contributors to your earth’s history as you know it.

Now, what path will you choose…for you? No one goes to the gym to make YOU stronger. No one moves through YOUR challenges in life to make YOU stronger. You must venture down that journey’s path yourself yet when you do so, YOU are rewarded with heretofore before unknown beauty, joy and great exhilaration when one day it comes upon your awareness that you now know the truth…and that truth, indeed, has made you FREE.

These are then, the Timeless Truths about Humanity, the nature of consciousness which makes up all of humanity, and which is the very underlying invisible energy of ‘God’… which is the very fabric of the atoms and molecules that make up physically appearing matter in your 3-dimensional world.

You see, you are not a human with a soul. You are a soul, with a human (body). You are not a body with a personality. You are a consciousness that develops its personality as a portion of that consciousness. You are not apart from ‘God’/Source/All That Is. You are an inseparable portion OF ‘God’/Source/All That Is. You have creative ability that is vastly, vastly beyond your current awareness. Truly, in a literal sense, the capabilities that legends are made of.

Not all legends and myths are untruths. Some of them, are actually stark truths and are simply beyond the perception of what you believe to be normal. Miracles are not at all out of reach and simply extra-ordinary acts of the divine…though they may seem to be. They are simply the NORMAL workings of the divine once you have become aware of what you truly are and then utilize that truth to the degree that you become proficient at the directive use of your own consciousness.

The physical reality and your physical senses deceive you for they DO NOT provide you with a true picture of reality. They portray a very, very small, limited mini-snapshot of certain detailed expressions that you believe is the limits or boundaries of what your physical reality is. Yet far beyond that in every direction are probable reality objects, events, conditions and outcomes that you can draw into your current perception that then become your life unfolding before you, if you but learn how to direct and effectively utilize the very innate divine gifts that you have already. You have been given then the most awesome gift of transforming energy into physical matter, and you do so by your thoughts, emotions, directed energy, which is either narrowed or expanded, set free or limited by your beliefs which create the box within which you experience life.

The evolution of humanity is not just “out there” in terms of technology. True evolution of your species begins within the individual, and then the groups, and so on.

Want an expanded experience? Create from within, an expanded view and start living outside the box. Color outside the lines as well as within them. Yet it is the coloring outside the lines, the doing what others may not yet understand to be ‘normal’ that will progress you personally beyond where they may be now. Then they will wonder how it is that you have changed so much while it seems that perhaps they have not changed much at all. You will then, be living, quite literally, an enhanced, expanded, broadened and joyfully abundant experience because you chose to create it within, and express it without…outward.

* Seth, channeled by Jackson W. Moore September 2021

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