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I was dead.  When I was a young child, during an accident while playing in the barn on the farm where I grew up, my body lay limp and lifeless crumpled up on the floor.  No heartbeat.  No breath.  No movement.  Dead.  I was dead.  My best friend/neighbor were playing in our hay barn in the summer, where a fair number of hay bales were left strewn around that didn't get fed to the cows over the previous winter.  We went straight to building a hay fort against one wall, stacking the bales up to the ceiling so that it made a wall that looked like a solid stack of hay, yet was empty inside.  We could move one bale, our secret door, and hide inside where girls, who of course had 'girl germs' as all girls did at that age, could not find us.  Finishing the exterior wall, we needed stuff inside.  We went up to the house and got an empty 5-gallon pail for the base of a table.  Piece of small square plywood from my dad's shop for on top of the table.  We got small watering pails for seats, then secretly raided the kitchen absconding with a large container of lemonade, cups, plates, bread, peanut butter, jelly and oh yes...the entire bag of my dad's precious Frito's from the cupboard. Back in the barn, we dumped everything in a heap inside the secret  door of the fort.  About that time, I decided that, since the bailing twine swing that my dad tied to the center beam of the barn's ceiling had broken, I was going to fix it.  We agreed- I would fix the swing, he'd go into the fort and set everything up for lunch.  Yet he had to put the secret door in place as the girls (his 3 sisters) were known to just show up at the barn when we were playing and they couldn't find out about our secret fort. I proceeded to climb the stack of hay against the near wall, up to the top where I could reach the looped twine around the beam so that I could tie a whole handful of hay bale twine laying on the floor, onto broken twine left on the beam to re-make our swing.  When I got to the top of the hay stack some 25 feet in the air, I found that the twine that was left from the broken swing was farther out on the beam.  However, if I held onto the wall of the barn and leaned out with one hand, I could grasp the twine, pull it over to me and tie more to it. Now, my dad watched every John Wayne western shoot 'em up and hang 'em up movie there was on TV.  (Hence the Fritos that was always accompanied by a cold beer while watching his western movies.)  I wondered what it was like to be hung like a bad-guy???  As I pulled it to me, I decided that I'd put it around my neck with my hands in between the twine and my neck.  I put the looped twine around my neck, fingers in between the twine and my neck and, keeping both feet planted on the top bale of hay, I leaned out over the barn floor, swaying back and forth from side to side.  Head rush!!!  Ok, so if I move my fingers out of the way, that would be what it was like for a bad guy hanging from the gallows or an old oak tree in dad's westerns....just like they did in the old west!  I'll just quickly lean back toward the wall and take it off if it hurts or whatever.  (Insert: Not a good idea, but young adventurous and sometimes overly confident young lads don't always exercise the best judgment when playing.) As I felt my ears fill with blood and my head rush warm my face, I passed out and was unconscious in a second.  As I passed out, my body went limp and my feet that were planted on the top hay bale slightly at an angle behind me, slipped off the bale and I was hanging from the center 6x6 ceiling beam at the peak of the barn roof, some 25-30 feet off the floor. I first became consciously aware that there was warm endless, starless space all around me and I could see what many refer to as the "tunnel of light", some "distance" in front of me.  To me, it was not really a tunnel per se' but more of a huge, glowing white brilliant circle of light...with no beginning and no end.  Aware that I was floating, yet fully calm, focused and completely comfortable with where I was....almost familiar in a way, I looked down to see what I may be standing on, keeping me up.  I was in the shape of a human body, yet as I looked down, I saw that I was nothing but see-through being of light, with what looked like billions of tiny sparkles of every color of light and more racing around inside the shape of my holograph-looking body.  I could see nothing was holding me up from below, so I turned and looked over my right shoulder to see if something was behind me holding me up.  Nothing was there.  Turning back around I was floating ever closer to the now massive, round white light and could now make out every color of the rainbow in the surrounding glow around all the edges of the light.  I asked with my thoughts, "Where am I?".  A large, booming calm voice that came from every direction around me said simply "You are safe."  After this, I became aware that I could see, move, hear, think, reason and was fully consciously aware of 'myself' yet vividly aware that I was part of what I was experiencing.  What followed was extraordinary in nature. There, I DID indeed have FULL, COMPLETE LUCID CONSCIOUSNESS and awareness.  I was aware that I was in what many refer to as "Heaven" yet was so incredibly comfortable with everything.  Aside from many experiences too lengthy to get into, I learned I could 'speak' with thoughts, hear, communicate, see Angels, beings of light and other incredibly beautiful things.  I could ask questions and receive immediate answers from many sources.  I could travel instantly at a thought.  After what seemed like days, I was sent back because my "work was not yet done".  In less than a millionth of a second I was floating at the ceiling of the barn right in front of my body hanging lifeless from the ceiling beam.  In an instant... SNAP!!!  I could HEAR and SEE the rope break, and watched my body fall to the floor, all crumpled up and twisted.  It wasn't all. I looked at its chest but it was not rising or falling.  I floated, hovering over my lifeless body, while my friend played inside the enclosed hay fort we'd made.  I was completely at ease with not a trace of fear.  This SOMEHOW seemed completely normal, floating outside my body like this...looking at it, pondering it's "life".  I was fully, completely, lucidly conscious and questioned "I wonder if my body will live any further in this lifetime.  I wonder if it is going to be Ok?"  I DO absolutely remember exactly what I said/thought and was referring to "MY BODY" from a third-person, outside perspective, like it was a vehicle I rode in while in the physical environment.  I also remember vividly the words "live any further in THIS lifetime."  Inferring there were other lifetimes also, and I knew that. As "I" floated above my body, crumpled and twisted in a heap on the floor.  I moved over top of my friend, playing inside the fort and tried to get his attention to no avail.  I could see him, I could hear him moving, breathing, setting up the inside of our hay fort.  I could think, reason, speak with my thoughts, hear my own thoughts from every direction conceivable.  After a few brief moments, I slowly drew closer and closer to my body on the floor and in one instant as I was looking at it mere inches away, "I" went from looking AT my body, to all of a sudden being aware that I was back INSIDE my body.  Instantly my body jolted and my lungs took a deep breath of air and my heartbeat sounded in my eardrums.  Instantaneous panic and tremendous fear struck me.  I could not see ANYTHING.  All was dark.  No oxygenated blood to my eyes.  I screamed as loud as a person could scream, yet no voice came from my mouth.  No oxygenated blood for my vocal cords to work.  I tried to move but every muscle would not move as I frantically tried to move.  No oxygenated blood yet to my muscles for them to work.  In a second or two, what felt like HOT liquid traveled through my veins, almost with burning sensation as light began to fade into my vision.  My voice cracked and noise came out of my throat in the form of a scream.  I felt like my body was vibrating, yet at an extremely fast buzzing rate. As my friend heard my scream, he ran to me skidding on his knees in the hay and scooped my head up off the floor, yelling at me "What happened!!?? What happened!!??".  I could not make out his facial features,  only the very blurry shape of his head.  Knowing I had just talked to beings in heaven and grandparents who were dead and buried in the cemetery, I believed I was "going to die" and said "Go get my mom....I'm dying."  He lay my head in the hay and bolted to the barn door, but before he could get out the door I screamed "Wait...wait...".  He came back and again scooped up my head from the floor, cradling my head in his arms and started crying.  I said "I'm going to die and I don't want to die alone.  Please stay with me until I die."  As he cradled my head in his arms, crying, my muscles started twitching and jerking.  Involuntary reactions from oxygenated blood firing neurons in my brain.  His facial features and colors began fading into focus.  I could feel what felt like burning hot liquid, stream out of the corners of my eyes and run down the side of both cheeks of my cool skin on my face.  I still remember the burning hot sensation of them slowing running across the skin of my face. In a moment or two, enough oxygenated blood got to my muscles and instantly I was on my feet, barreling for my mom in the kitchen of our farm house, crying madly and friend in tow.  I burst through the door screaming and crying at the same time, so much that my mom couldn't even understand me.  She sat me in the chair and got real close to my face telling me to focus on her face, calm down and take deep slow breaths.  She could see that I was in complete panic, though she remained calm and on point, asking me what had happened. I was talking about 100 miles an hour and proceeded to tell her that I had an accident in the barn and went to 'Heaven' where I saw things, heard things, experienced things.  As my mom looked at the red welt around my neck I proceeded to ask... "Where did I go?  Was I dead?  How could I be in Heaven if I wasn't dead?  How did I see grandma and grandpa and talk to them? (when they were long dead and buried in a cemetery some 30 minutes from our house) When I asked 'Where am I, WHO answered me???  What did they mean, "Your work is not yet done."???  What work isn't done?  Who said that??? How could I SEE MY BODY HANGING FROM THE BARN CEILING AND WATCH THE ROPE BREAK AND MY BODY FALL TO THE FLOOR!!!???  When I was back in the barn, how was I floating above my body when it fell??  I could move and floated inside the hay fort and tried to talk to Ed (my friend) but he couldn't hear me, but I could hear me and I was asking if my body was going to live more in this lifetime.  How could I think and ask questions like that, OUTSIDE OF MY BODY!!!???  I could hear myself ask the questions and it came from all around me in every direction, how did that DO that?  Why wasn't I afraid when I was floating above my body, but after going back inside my body, I was scared and thought I was going to die!?? Luckily, my mom was (and is, though she has crossed over into the non-physical now) a very spiritual person and read lots of books from Seth, Edgar Casey, James Van Praagh, Shirley MaClaine.  In a very calm manner she got me calmed down and said that I had had what they call a Near Death Experience or an NDE.  I contorted, near death nothing...I was dead.  I saw my body hanging there and then fall.  It was not breathing and my heart was not beating.  It was not moving...just a lump like a bale of hay laying on the floor.  "I"....was floating in the air! This started a conversation and a journey that lasted a lifetime and is still unfolding.  Soon after this, I began telling my mom events that would happen, before they would happen.  Vividly.  I had visions, psychic experiences of many levels into my teens, though only my closest of friends knew of my abilities, as others would tease me about it and want me to read their mind.  I used to explain that it doesn't rarely work like that...that most of it all comes when I am not asking for it...It just comes into my head like a voice or a dream or a daydream or just a knowing.  • Why do some people die, but come back to tell of their experiences?  Why do they come back at all?  • Why was I 'sent back' to the physical realm?  • What work of mine was not yet done?• If "I" was completely lucid, conscious, aware and able to move with a mere thought, speak, hear, see, etc while I was outside of my body, who is this "I" and HOW does it have complete awareness and consciousness when it is NOT INSIDE my body?• If while in the non-physical state, I could speak clearly to and have conversations with dead relatives, Angels and other divine entities, can I communicate with them when "I" am back inside my physical body?  If so, can I have hear them and receive guidance from them?• It was clear that physical consciousness senses (hearing, seeing, feeling, etc) are only extensions of the very same senses available when I was in my non-physical state.  Can I develop these and use them to see, hear, feel, etc beyond the scope of the physical environment?• How was I in the non-physical state for what seemed like a "long visit", yet appeared only as seconds or minutes when I was back floating in the barn?• How can I tap into, focus and MAXIMIZE the intentional, purposeful, directed USE of all of these abilities and to what end can I do so? I have spent DECADES since then, continuously seeking, learning, trying, developing, meditating, raising my consciousness and vibration, expanding , journaling, writing, drawing, recording, refining, fine-tuning, succeeding, failing and succeeding bigger than ever.  I have been to the top and "lost it all", then came back to experience far beyond what I ever dreamed I could create in my life.  I have been through 'tragedies' and eventually came out stronger than ever.  I have learned to speak to divine beings, dead relatives and loved ones, dead strangers, Angels, Arch Angels and Multi-Dimensional Collective Conscious Beings- literally!  I have learned to heal my physical body in "miraculous" ways, and others as well.  I have learned to manifest amazing personal and professional relationships, physical objects, cars, jobs, money, wealth, health, healing and, to create my life purposefully and intentionally.  I have read countless books, and when I found the Seth books, well, my whole life changed for the better in ways I couldn't have dreamed of before. I have tried the easy way and the hard way.  The Rational-minded approach, and Seth's "Magical Approach" or Natural approach as I also refer to it, as it is natural to our true state of being and consciousness.  I am now being guided by my Angels to share this knowledge, experience and wisdom with the world.

Jackson W. Moore

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