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The Premise and Root Assumptions for Jackson and Seth website, teachings and materials

To get us started into our blog and teaching, I would like to take a moment and set the stage with the premise and root assumptions that Seth and I present our materials to the world. I believe this will help the public understand some of the terms, perception and perspective from which Seth and I create, present and teach these materials.

The intention of Seth and I is to teach & educate the world, to bring forth blessings of Timeless Truths that apply as much today as they did a million years ago or tomorrow, or a million years from now. Time is irrelevant and as such, our materials and the truths that we convey are just that. Truths. They are not beliefs ABOUT reality, which can vary based upon perception, but rather they are characteristics OF reality. This encompasses all subjects which pertain to any and all things in the physical realm, and many in the non-physical realm in which ALL things seen and unseen are sourced and rooted.

We do not conform to Science, Religion nor Time. We teach the origins and understandings of actual Reality, based upon the perceptions of Seth and I. What does that mean really? That myself, Jackson W. Moore is a medium or channel through which the information comes. I receive much of my information from Seth, and more from Angels, divine guides, Arch Angels, etc. As with any medium who uses their Clair-abilities (clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, etc, which are natural to ALL human-beings) these materials come to me via these natural communication abilities and I convey what is given to me. Thus I am simply the human-being through which these materials flow through and outward into expression as words, teaching materials, books, images, workbooks, worksheets, classes, lectures, etc.

Our purpose is to awaken within each human-being the natural self, being, consciousness which already knows how to create a very successful, happy, joy filled, exciting experience in their physical life experience. In bringing these teachings, knowledge and wisdom to the world, Seth, Angels and my inner being are expressing what Seth has articulated as 'Value Fulfillment.' The innate seeking of all things to fulfill their valuable contribution to All That Is, which obviously includes earth, animals, humanity and our physical world, cultures, societies, etc. We seek to teach the Truth and help humanity dissolve its perceptions of beliefs in limitations, whereby often they do not exist except only in the mind of the perceiver. We seek to help humans overcome challenges, obtain means, improve health, learn, grow, teach, expand and evolve.

The material that Seth and I will teach and articulate applies to EVERY HUMAN-BEING that has ever walked the earth, or ever will. They apply to humans to the “being” part of you as a human-being. Human = Flesh body. Being is your ‘soul’ or Personality Consciousness which is what gives the physical body life to walk the earth. Thus, if you are reading this, if you have a heartbeat, if you are breathing and considered 'alive' in any of the usual manners, this material applies DIRECTLY to YOU. Seeming differences fade and no longer become relevant in controlling our lives, our abundance or lack, our status, health, success, etc.

Another root assumption or premise is in regards to what many refer to in general as "God". What ‘God’ is not, is some 600-foot-tall old white guy with a beard as Michael Angelo painted in a rendition of art. This would of course, limit the unlimited as to being of human origin/likeness or form. Have you ever wondered why it is recorded in the Bible that ‘God’ said “Let US make man in OUR image, in OUR likeness…”? Who is “US”? Who are the “US” that “WE” (inferred) are making in “OUR” image/likeness? We explain this throughout our teachings.

Throughout our teachings, Seth and I will from time to time, refer to this Consciousness that the world refers to as "God", more appropriately as ALL THAT IS. When you understand the source and origin of all physical reality through Seth’s teachings, you come to understand that ‘God’ is far too limited a term, and that ALL THAT IS, encompasses just that and more. They say 'God' is omnipotent (all power), omniscient (all knowing), and omnipresent (everywhere present). Then how could it even be possible that God serves one relgion, yet not another, is present in one church or place but not others, can do create everything yet not somethings?

This stated, Seth and I typically refer to God as ALL THAT IS. It is more accurately descriptive (though not definitive, there's a difference) of ALL 'species' of consciousness which make up the undefinable, unlimited potential and infinitely expanding ALL THAT IS.

Briefly (which could go on for quite some time), if God is all power, then there is nothing that God ISN'T. If God is ALL KNOWING, then there is not a thought or a thought of a thought that God doesn't already know. If God is everywhere present, then obviously, there is NO- WHERE, physically in our Universe or not, that God is absent. In all things animate and inanimate, physical and not.

So....We steer clear of the "anthropomorphic" (human like) view of God and open our minds to the reality that God is more appropriately undefined as a Gestalt Consciousness. Meaning more than the sum total of its parts of consciousness. This is a very important concept to drive home as it sets the foundation upon which ALL THINGS exist. Thus if we say 'God', we simply mean ALL THAT IS.

What I want the reader to KNOW is that EVERY SINGLE HUMAN THAT WALKS THE EARTH IN HISTORY has within their flesh body, the immortal consciousness that Seth and I refer to as your "Personality Consciousness". The "you" that you know of as YOU. Your “I AM” or awareness of Self as a being. Make no mistake - for this is an inexorable, unalterable, timeless TRUTH that your personality consciousness that shifts its focus from within the flesh when you are born, survives completely intact after physical death, as it was before your physical birth. This is the immortal 'essence' that, when 'home' in your physical body, allows you to be on the earth within your physical body, and provides you with life animation to walk around on earth.

I can assure you that when this immortal consciousness leaves its focus from within the physical body, that not only can you view your body and the earth from the outside point of view, but your physical body is quite as inanimate as the a couch or a stone.


I plan to keep our teachings as much as possible, simple enough for the highest populace to understand without a lifetime of spiritual training. Seth has said to me many times that he wants me to bring these materials to the world in new ways. In new terms, new words that are meaningful today yet were not so during the 1960’s and 70’s when he was articulating books through our friend Jane/Ruburt. Thus I often take Seth’s materials and provide context to it, images to help convey at multiple levels of learning, what Seth is attempting to teach our readers. Over the years I have received hundreds upon hundreds of Angel messages, messages from loved ones crossed over after physical death including family members, and of course for years now, Seth messages, teachings and dictation, guidance, wisdom and much more. Often these messages come in very succinct, distilled and very powerful sentences and concepts. Meaning that often, beings of consciousness such as Angels, Seth, etc can convey massive amounts of meaning in multiple ‘layers’ of meaning, with very few words. This sometimes leads readers to say ‘Wow…that is deep!’. Although Seth and the Angels that work with and through me are aware of this and articulate to me in ways that are not as distilled and compact, easier to understand and often depicted visually to me (Clairvoyantly), I will do my best to break them down into more easily understood materials. Realize however it is ok if you read our material once and want to come back to read it over again. These are new concepts, new awareness concepts of Truth that have for most of your lifetime perhaps, have not been a part of your day to day learning and knowing. Allow yourself room to read them, re-read them if necessary and let them grow in your mind and consciousness. I have sometimes read materials many times before the ‘ah-ha’ moment when it came to me in a quick of understanding. It is a process. Not an On/Off switch. Grow with it and be ok with that.

My Goals and about me:

It is my intention and goal to be as real, authentic, down-to-earth as much as I can be for all of our friends and readers. We are all students, including myself and I am never above any. Humbly I do my absolute best to bring truth and wisdom from multi-dimensional beings of Consciousness to the world so that they too may learn what I have learned and how they also can use their own innate abilities to receive such communication, guidance and to improve their lives in immeasurable ways. Human beings are not perfect or they would not be in human flesh body states. We are ever learning, growing, expanding in understanding, wisdom, insights, truths and becoming more in the next moment than we were in those before. Eternally our immortal self, our ‘soul’ or Personality Consciousness continues to learn, connected to all other consciousness we evolve into more.

Truly I have been in the ditches and trenches and kicked in the backside from life. Yet I have always gotten back up to see what I could to so as to avoid that from happening again (sometimes 50 times or so…for good measure) and to improve moving forward. Did I want to quit sometimes or give up? You betcha! I wouldn’t be real if I said I hadn’t. However I innately knew that I was here on earth to do SOMETHING important and I damn sure came back from being physically dead for some reason. Decades later I know why. To learn how to crawl out of those places we physically, mentally or emotionally do not like and how to overcome them. In doing so, I’ve learned so that I may teach and lead others to higher paths so that they don’t have to continue living in less fruitful ways. If my teachings inspire and help 1 person who then turns around and helps their children learn and understand or significant other or friend or stranger…then my work has been successful. And already I’ve seen hundreds of lives who have been touched by my work and teaching.

I can tell you from personal experience as I like to say, "a man who hasn't failed, likely hasn't pushed the boundaries very far in life." Meaning...yes, I have failed. Many times. However, I learned from my failures and used every one as a stepping stones to better place. I have another saying I’ve stated for years; That our challenges in life are like weights in the gym. They exist to make you stronger. Sure, they can break your toes, yet if you use them correctly, you grow in strength and that allows you to help others up when they have fallen down. And who hasn’t fallen down?

I will do my best, so much as I can to interact with everyone via our Members Forum area on my new website at, though if you would like in depth or personal assistance with challenges, learning, development, guidance on how to improve, overcome, grow, then see my personal consultation and coaching sessions. Also be on the lookout for my lectures, workshops and classes as they become available more in the future.

I so appreciate you and taking the time to read the blog. I have many, many projects in the works so I thank you for your patience as I move more and more materials, teachings, workbooks, examples, etc to the new website.

Namaste, I salute the divinity in you and bless you on your journey.


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