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Current Global Conflict, Events & The Evolution of Consciousness in Humanity – Part 1

What you are now witnessing and experiencing across the earth is the inevitable birthing pains of your world society en masse as it evolves from within the ‘souls’ of mankind, to express the more enlightened culture and societies that will come.

The current chaos that you are seeing now in the United States is quite literally the evolution of consciousness of humanity.

The current chaotic events, protests, violence you are seeing and experiencing now across the earth… IS the evolution of the consciousness of humanity. Humanity then…is growing up and maturing.

On a grand scale, you cannot stop physical life on the planet earth from growing and developing. It is inevitable, for it is the very evolution of consciousness unfolding in every second of time, and every inch of space. The planet itself evolves. So too does its inhabitants -- the animals and creatures upon the earth for again, it is the consciousness within them that evolves as it learns, expands, adapts, grows, understands, grows more, in a continual eternal process of development.

You are right now, in your time and history, witnessing a very distinctive shift from the lower vibrations of humanity, into higher vibrations of humanity. The “new earth” or perhaps the “golden spiritual age” as some may call it. The great awakening. The old energies may struggle to evolve, based upon the rational minds of men and women that may seek to hold onto the old energies and old ways. Yet eventually, they must and will grow into more understanding. There may be great struggles that bring about the awareness of change, yet any woman who has ever given birth to new life on earth will tell you, it is not without a certain amount of pain and effort that this new birth takes place. Even the flower pushes against the soil as it seeks the light. So too does your current events and the seeming chaos around them happening across the United States and world, now also push against the ‘soil’ of life as humanity evolves, as all nature must.

Humanity lives in a world of contrast. Light and Dark, literally and spiritually in consciousness. Hot and cold, ‘good’ and ‘evil’, highs and lows. Yet these are very much necessary for one to learn what each is and choose, by free will, the path that leads to not only their own evolution but that of the greater consciousness of humanity as a species, which of course is intimately connected with nature, earth and your environment. Again, your environments are formed from the inside out. Physical reality is formed from the inside... out. Nonphysical energy and consciousness forms physical matter. The mass consciousness of ‘the dark side’ of man if you will…will in time, evolve from that “darkness" (lack of awareness of Truth) into the light. As the saying goes, “In the light, there can be no darkness, for darkness is only the absence of the light.” This holds true in night and day, as much as it holds true within the minds of mankind. The seeming darkness and ‘evil’ is simply the lack of illumination within the individuals, personally and en masse.

It is as if humanity itself is a child…growing up. When the child is young it can be greatly emotional, errant in its ways of directing energy, throw temper tantrums, get into trouble by making choices that are less than the most optimal outcomes of success, etc. Then as it matures, it smooths its experience often as it integrates learnings on how thoughts, actions and directive use of energy brings the results of peace, success and prosperity. At times, the ‘trouble’ is the contrast by which it learns…”Well, that didn’t work, so we must try another path.”

Outside power…external physical power, will ALWAYS acquiesce to inner power.

The physical man is no match for the divine that created ALL mankind and the earth that it inhabits. Truly, by whatever name you decide to call it, humans are not more powerful than that which created them…which is of course Consciousness/Source/God/The Universe/Allah…whatever name you may call what I term “All That Is”. It may take weeks, months, years or centuries, yet each human-being is as we discuss in our book and teaching materials, derived directly from Consciousness (‘God’ by whatever name) and is therefore inseparable from the divine.

Though the human’s rational or intellectual mind may seek dominion and power to control others as young children do, eventually, they will in time learn that their efforts are for not, for in the end of their trials and challenges, they will indeed find that peace, love and the higher vibrations are the only truth behind the perceived veil of ‘darkness’.

As children grow and mature…. humanity, the individual and mass consciousness of your race also grows and matures. This…again, is absolutely inevitable for it is the consciousness within each human-being; the ‘Being’ portion of the human-being (soul, etc) that gives the physical body life animation that indeed seeks evolution beyond the desires and wishes of the rational mind that seeks external power.

As we state in our book on The Nature of Consciousness then, ALL consciousness is eternally in a state of becoming, evolving. You are, our readers are, every human-being to ever walk the planet in all frames of physical reality and historic time periods are in a constant state of change and ‘becoming’. Evolving.

I too am eternally growing and evolving. All physical and nonphysical beings are doing so, those with physical expressions that take form and those that do not. It is the very nature of consciousness that is within all things, the Source of all things, that seeks to evolve as it eternally becomes more.

This…is what is behind the evolution of consciousness and the global events that are now taking place as your race and humanity moves, slowly but surely, away from the darkness of ill-directed use of energy and seeking of control and dominion over others, into open collaboration, truth sharing, wisdom of lessons learned, peace and prosperity that benefit each individual, and humanity at large…as well as the earth and environment that you live in. Evolution is inevitable as it IS what you are, and ALL physical objects are. Such is the nature of consciousness.

Bad Actors of ‘Evil’ Deeds

Now: You create your own reality. Individually, as a family or grouping, city, country, society, based upon the creation from within, outward. It is not that the soul of those who are seemingly ‘bad guys’ is truly a ‘bad’ or evil Being. It is that the RATIONAL INTELLECTUAL MIND of the human… is directing the actions of the human-being and thus creating conditions, events and circumstances that are self-serving to themselves and a smaller group, than those that serve humanity in the highest ways possible.

The divine consciousness of ‘God’, Source, the Universe, All That Is, that is within their flesh does not self-serve or limit…as it is, by its very nature, unlimited in every conceivable way. However, the thinking, rational mind of the individual can indeed create such events and conditions by directing their own thoughts and emotions to create those outcomes. It is that they are physically oriented and focused and not spiritually oriented or focused. The difference is obvious when you look at the events on the world stage right now, in the year 2021. You see it as ‘Good’ VS ‘Evil’, yet it is really the Divine VS the Rational Mind of mankind. Again, on a grand scale of humanity, this is much like a young child that grows through the temper tantrum and sometimes mischievous stages into a mature adult.

Society right now is ‘maturing’.

Humanity right now is ‘maturing’.

Your earth and nature right now is ‘maturing’.

It is the inevitable evolution of consciousness that eternally seeks to become more, develop more, grow more, be more. This consciousness portion of mankind, the ‘Being’ within human-beings, is innately, eternally of love and light that serves all things, all humanity, all nature, all earth and life.

Events that are right now, occurring on a global scale, are in essence, if you would look at them that way, the scrapping of a couple of kids on the playground to determine who may be the strongest. It is humanity that is going through this ‘scrapping’ and conflict stage, as humanity itself evolves beyond the old ways that no longer serve your greater good and the human population or planet.

So yes, there will be events of struggle and challenges. Yet it is inevitable that your cultures, countries and so forth, eventually, evolve beyond where they have been. Through free will, many can choose to try and hold onto the old, limited and self-serving ways. They can slow the progress if you will by acting as anchors. Yet overall in the larger scheme of things, what people often say is that ‘God’ the divine, will and has already won. This IS true and unavoidable. This will become the experience on earth. Mankind, in its physically-oriented, external power seeking ways, cannot….I repeat…can NOT evade the evolution of the very consciousness of the divine Being within them as human-beings, that is the energy of ‘God’ that gives their mortal bodies life.

You cannot outrun ‘God’/Source, etc.

You cannot outsmart ‘God’/Source/All That Is, etc.

You cannot out-live or outlast ‘God’/Source/The Universe, etc.

The physical of mankind, will, eternally give way to the immortal within, as it is the immortal within that seeks evolution, even beyond the conscious thoughts and intentions of ‘bad actors’ who may seek to hold onto the old ways of seeking physical dominion over others.

The mortal, rational and sometimes self-serving mind of mankind can make poor choices that have already created what you now witness before you on a global scale, in 2020 & 2021 within countries all over the world. Yet within the humans that do so, is the divine energy of God, which by its very nature, is good and eternally love and Light. So it is that even though these ‘bad guys’ intentions and their actions may be of ill-intent, those ill-intentions will be brought into FULL LIGHT and illuminated now to the world’s attention like never before in your history. The divine will work through those ‘bad’ actors and mistakes will be made in which they get caught. It is true then, that ‘God’ already won.

Information and truths will come out that are in quite literal ways, ‘God’, the divine, pushing it forward from the shadows into the Light. Illuminating it to the attention and awareness of the masses so that it can be shifted through action and changes that must occur to render peace on earth as it is mean to be. Harmony over conflict. Service to ALL (including animals, earth, nature, etc) rather than service only to self or a limited group.

* Seth, channeled by Jackson W. Moore September 2021

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1 Comment

Deanna Hannan
Deanna Hannan
Sep 20, 2021

Thank you Seth thank you Jackson. I do see the current world just as you say it is. The major contrast we see now is the key to bringing about the exact expansion that it is inevitable as a result of that contrast! Each actor whether we consider "bad" or "good* plays a part in bringing about the evolution that we as divine beings seek! The divine is all around us and within us supporting us each step of the way! I am truly excited to be a part of this shift and even more excited to see what is does for all of mankind! Thank you for your divine guidance Seth. I am honored to be able to learn…

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