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Understanding Dimensions of Reality- In Plain Terms

Being a spiritual teacher for many years, both informally and formally, I often receive questions about understanding various dimensions of reality. Therefore, I wanted to write a short blog about this subject to help our readers understand various dimensions of reality and spiritual terms, without getting too far into the weeds.

Now- We live on the 3-dimensional plane (Length, Width & Height). If we think of dimensions beyond that….it helps if we imagine dimensions as we would the air around the earth. Beginning with the air at ground level, moving out into the upper atmosphere, then stratosphere, inner space, outer space, deep space, etc. So, thinking of dimensions it makes it easier to understand if you picture them like that.

Below is a graphic that I use in my classes and lectures. As you can see, this is a diagram that shows a representation of dimensions, also on a scale/bar graphic that depicts vibrations of energy that are along the left and side. Vibrations of energy can be measured in FREQUENCY. This is why you hear spiritual people talking often about raising their vibrational frequency. They are talking about rising in consciousness, using various creative tools, to change their personal rate of vibration. As science knows, all things are energy, and energy is always moving and therefore, is infinite vibrations which we measure in terms of frequency.

The lower case “f” in the middle stands for frequency. With the below graphic, I discuss during classes that the earth plane of 3-dimensions, energy slows down and expresses in terms of atoms and molecules, which then form atomic mass or, solid appearing objects.

So, beyond the 3- dimensional plane of our physical universe, there are more dimensions of reality that are NOT physical. AKA…Nonphysical reality. This is not ‘space’ as we perceive outer space. It is pure energy, consciousness

The 4th dimension is a nonphysical dimension of consciousness where you can perceive images that look like physical objects (dreams for example…even if they are purple flying cows with polka dots…it’s still a physically APPEARING object in the dream). In this dimension, time and space do not apply nor have context or meaning like they do in physical reality. Which means sometimes your dreams are all jumbled up, mixed up or transition from one to another in a crazy collage of images. Images here may have meaning and context to you, may be actual events that have occurred, will occur, and they can be messages from the divine if you learn to understand your dreams and dream symbols. Images can also be symbols that stand for something meaningful to you. While there are many dream books out there and I know of some very good ones, ultimately it is what the image means to YOU that matters. For example…if I see water in my dream, the state of the water is a message from my inner or higher self, about my inner state and emotions. Clear and smooth…meaning my emotions are the same. Dirty and turbulent, means there is a lot of chaos around me right now. Seeing fish in my personal dreams is a sign of abundance. This could be money or other abundance, but for me it has that meaning so when I see those images in my dreams, they are meaningful to me in that way.

The 5th dimension is a nonphysical dimension of consciousness where you may have dreams and do not remember objects, people, events or things that appear earth-like or physical. You may wake up aware that you were dreaming yet you may not remember anything visual like images, or even anything ‘said’. You often will simply have a ‘feeling’ about the dream. Sometimes people will awake feeling exhausted like they’ve run a marathon while they were sleeping. This could be because your consciousness (think soul) was learning and processing information in the 5th dimension. However, as it is not a physically-oriented dimension, you will not recall images or anything of a physical context, yet you will remember perhaps that you had a dream. Learning here in this dimension does not use ENGLISH nor any human language for communication. It will be simply what might be thought of as consciousness, perhaps in vibrational frequencies that carry meaning and immense amounts of information but are not at all physically appearing or oriented.

Beyond this is of course all sorts of infinite ‘dimensions’ as we human-beings may think of them. In truth…just as there is no PHYSICAL boundary that separates the air from the upper atmosphere from the stratosphere and deep space, there are no actual PHYSICAL boundaries that serve to separate these dimensions. If you think about it, there literally isn’t a single physical boundary between yourself…and say Pluto or the Sun. Nothing (physical that is). While one could break down these dimensions as I have described them into infinite other ‘dimensions’, these are the major ones that I teach about and those that Angel guidance has given to me so I hope this helps some get a little better understanding on dimensions as it relates to physical and nonphysical reality.

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